Soon after the implementation of the new taxation regime in India, the people found themselves in a maze that has no safe exit. The GST has come into the existence with a high-pace, putting no ease on the shoulders of the taxpayers of India, as nothing worth having comes easy. The Goods and Services Tax has multiple benefits for the people and ultimately for the economy of the nation.

But you can’t easily overshadow the hassle of the GST process with its advantages. And a little learning might become dangerous for you. As a user or a responsible taxpayer, you are not supposed to learn the guidebook of Goods and Services Tax. In reality, it doesn’t make any sense. Getting yourself equipped with few basics of the new taxation regime is inarguable, but swamping into its intricacies might make you want to blow your mind off.

Is there a solution?

There definitely is. In the case of GST, the technology has proved to be a blessing. Nowadays, we use the technology to make everyday chores easier and also to make our living smart. It has spread like a wildfire with its overwhelming appeal covering almost every area from the home to work. Similarly, there is a cure for all your GST problems as well. Alternative but effective.

No matter how great the revolution of changing the taxation is, when it comes to the ordinary people, both suffer, the people as well as the system. Facing the music, you must be crippled trying to get out of the GST mess. And running to the rescue of these problems, technology gave us the GST tool.

What is a GST tool?         

A GST tool is your GST companion. It makes you productive within a blink of an eye. Some of you might be struggling even with the basics of GST, but with a handy GST tool, everything will come in the shape. Suppose you want to make a glass of juice and you have clustered 9 different fruits. You wouldn’t go grasping all over the different recipe books on ‘how to crush a fruit’. That would be an insane act. So what do you do? You put all the fruits in the juicer, whiz it a bit, and serve yourself a delicious drink. That’s what a tool does. It gives you the fair and end results of all the GST processes.

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The action

If you are a registered taxpayer under the GST Act then you must have encountered a situation where everything gets mixed up. There are various time-bound tasks in the new taxation regime and the GST tool makes you be punctual and successful each time of your GST return filing, compliance, and even GST registration. Although major operations include only the filing and billing. The below mentioned are the functions of the tool:

  • GST Compliance solution (online)
  • E-filing of all the GST forms
  • Ease of the calculation with GST rate calculator
  • Multiple invoicing at a single time
  • Finds the appropriate HSN/SAC codes
  • Safe document management
  • New user registration
  • Maintenance of the input tax credit

Besides making these tasks easy for you, a tool could also prevent you from missing out on any of the dates of filing the returns. Under the GST regime, a taxable person is liable to file 37 returns in a year. In such case, a reminder would be of a great help for you. If you are grinding too hard, day and night, to make your business strong and live your vision, you wouldn’t really want the GST to take wreck it.

Fortunately, you have a delightful advantage that you live in the 21st century and have options. Avoid those who grumble out loud and spread negativity about the new taxation regime. Better focus on the idea of a joint effort that will lead not only you but the whole nation to a balanced platform of the taxation.

With this in mind

The great physicist Albert Einstein once said that “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. But still, the technology nowadays is something that takes us to a state of salvation. One must learn to put an abundant trust on the technology confining the line of control limit. And as far as the Goods and Services Act is concerned, there is no better and cost-efficient option than a tool or software.

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On the off chance, you might incur minor issues if the tool is not scrutinized prior usage. With that said, all of the GST processes can be made easier with the help of a GST compatible software. Run a successful business while maintaining a clean taxation record in the eyes of the government and accepting the GST as it is.

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