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GST Registration Online: The GSTIN Catalyst

Posted by ShubhamSingh on Mar 30, 2018 11:12:49 am

Eight months before now, the nation encountered a complete overhaul of the taxes. And replacing all the old taxes came into the taxpayer’s lives the Goods and Services Tax Act. This new taxation rule subsumes the earlier big chunks of the taxes like VAT, excise duty, service charge etc. It has also helped in cutting out the cascading effects of the multiple taxes that was also responsible for weakening the economy and Indian marke... Read more>>

4 Debit Card Myths you need to Avoid

Posted by Shiva Gaur on Nov 27, 2017 05:19:05 pm

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is focusing more on making the country digital. Using debit and credit cards for transactions is one of the basic steps that citizens of India are adopting to make the country digital. All you need to complete your transaction is swipe it and chip it. Despite the simplicity, it provides to the customers during the transaction processes, some people are spreading myths about it. After the implementatio... Read more>>

4 Questions you need to ask yourself to create a Winning Business Model

Posted by Shiva Gaur on Oct 18, 2017 01:05:50 pm

After the GST roll-out, things have been entirely changes, especially for those businesses which deal with supplies of goods and services. GST is a major change that has been brought by the Indian Government to reduce corruption and enhance the Indian economy by giving the opportunity to small businesses to grow more in the competitive market. Starting a business is not an easy task and requires a lot of skills, experience and questioni... Read more>>

A Brief Guide to Input Tax Credit

Posted by Shiva Gaur on Aug 19, 2017 05:39:48 pm

Goods and Services Tax is the biggest taxation reform that has been introduced in the India. There are several terms and provisions that one needs to understand before getting registered into it. People who are running businesses can avail the benefit of the new taxation reform in the form of Input Tax Credit (ITC). However, before availing it, you need to have proper understanding of ITC. Input Tax Credit is the method of reducing the... Read more>>

GST implementation in India: A boon enwrapped in multifarious nebulous aspects

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi on Jul 07, 2017 11:06:00 am

As India maneuvers into a novel taxation regime — Goods and Services Tax — with effect from July 1, 2017, connoisseurs from various realms have started discussing the exquisite advantages that the new taxation framework bequeaths for the country.  If the opinions of seasoned economists and veteran experts are to be believed, then the GST era would pave the way for wholehearted compliance.  Not only would GST empowe... Read more>>

All you need to know about GST registration: A one-stop guide for small scale businesses

Posted by Sakshi Sharma on Jun 22, 2017 03:05:38 pm

The entire nation is all set to welcome the new tax regime with open arms. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest tax reform since independence and people have a lot of expectations from it. However, people are in two minds regarding GST registration and are a bit sceptical about the various ways in which they can proceed with the same. If you have similar doubts, then this blog will help you clear all your ambiguities pertaining to the vario... Read more>>

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