GST Keeper: Ready to Use Efficient GST Filing and Billing Software in India


  • Online Compliance Management
  • Documentation
  • Project Plan Supervision
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Multiple User Management
  • Multiple Invoicing
  • HSN/SAC Code Finder
  • GST Rate Calculator
  • Customer Data Management
  • Maintenance of Return Filing Records
  • E-filing and e-payment as per legally responsible GST Rates
  • Quick Content Apprises
  • Third Party Compliance Status Update

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Features Overview

Platform Independent

Our GST Online Application operates on every operating system including, but not limited to, Windows, Linux and Mac. This application can run in Any Updated Browsers Like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and even in Internet Explorer (9+ version)

Highly Secured Language

Our software is created with the ultra-secured language to ensure the safety of tax data

Availability of Sync facility

The online version of our GST Application is harmonised and reorganised in order to give the exact tax data on irrespective of the place of access

Billing for Goods and Services

Personalised billing offers streamlined invoicing which helps in saving money and time of the taxpayer while providing an easy to use interface

Purchase Invoice for Unregistered Dealers in Reverse Charges Mechanism (RCM)

With our GST Application you can create the Reverse Charge Mechanism Purchase Invoices.

Debit Credit Note

GST Keeper provides detailed reports on invoices, debit notes, credit notes and revised invoices of the entire sales & purchases

Payment Voucher

Taxpayers can generate payment vouchers by means of our GST

Refund Voucher

Our GST software enables taxpayers in obtaining refund vouchers from clients.

Advance Receipt

GST Keeper empowers the users with the facility of advance receipt and computed GST

Shipping Bill

Our GST tool prepares shipping bills of the complete sales and foreign shipments inclusive of details pertaining to excise and customs

Industry Specific Billing Format

The GST software being offered by us is in sync with the GST framework and this enables us in creating industry specific billing format


GST Keeper is always ready to offer a complete guidance to the taxpayers

Furnish HSN Code

GST Keeper helps in importing the data in excel template of Govt./ Tally or Copy/Paste HSN at the time of when e-File needs to be generated

Invoice Uploading

Our GST software gives the freedom of uploading invoices anytime anywhere depending on one’s convenience

Auto Error Identification

Our GST tool helps in finding and reporting errors in Zip files and helps in validating GST numbers in bulk

Import/Export Data From/To Third-party Software

GST Keeper permits taxpayers to import and export tax data from Tally Excel & Direct, Excel, Govt. Excel as well as the JSON File which is generated from any software. Additionally, it also exports client vouchers to tally instantaneously

Bulk Import of Receiver/Suppliers Data

The GST tool which we offer is proficient enough to import tax data including GSTR 2A information from the portal of the government

Import Client Details

Our GST software imports the details of clients based on the GST number

Import and Export in Excel

GST Keeper imports and exports GST returns and other details pertaining to invoicing in excel from the software and exports the data in the software to excel

Import and Export from Excel Templates Provided by GSTN

Our competent GST software can precisely import/export the pre-decided excel pattern offered by the GSTN

Direct Filing to GST Portal if Provided by GSTN

GST Keeper helps in filing GST returns directly through GST portal and even can suggest you to file from government portal

Import From Invoice Section

Our GST software enables taxpayers in importing the billing data into GSTR1 and uploading it on the government portal directly

Unique Client Authentication Mechanism

GST Keeper empowers the users to create unlimited clients and assign their passwords for any kind of modification in the domain of tax data


Our GST software helps in registering under the new indirect tax regime instantly with the forms certified by the government for every type of taxpayer i.e. Regular, Composition and Practitioner

Input Tax Credit

Our GST software computes input tax credit spontaneously and the results are inclusive of all the tax liability and it adjusts the net tax liability suitably

User Right

GST Keeper helps in assigning user rights to the preferred individual with unique and customisable user consent settings and admission


By seeking the assistance of our competent software, an administrator can screen all the login entities who have visited the software and performed any changes

Interactive Date/Week/Month Wise Reports

For the purpose of cross verification, our GST software offers the facility of viewing date wise reports of all the invoices which have been uploaded


Our GST software enables taxpayers to file all the required GSTR forms i.e. GSTR-1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3B, 4, 4A, 5, 5A, 6, 6A, 7, 7A, 8, 11. In addition to this, GST Keeper can download GSTR 2A data or GSTR 2 data directly from the portal of the government in excel format which helps users in reviewing the details invoice wise. The data imported in GSTR-2 can be used for filing after uploading JSON produced from the software on the portal. Also, GST Keeper enables users in knowing the filing status of GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B in bulk.

Let All Your GST Worries Be Ours!

Complete Solution for All GST Compliance

  • Registration & User
  • Invoice
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Reconciliation
    of Invoice
  • Report &
  • Refunds
  • Filling of
  • Tax Payment
  • Input Tax

Plans & Pricing:

  • Just pay
    INR 999/- per month and relax
    as we will take care of the rest!
  • Steal the deal
    @ INR 9990 per year! -
Send us monthly customer/supplier invoices and we will do everything on your behalf.
Features/Plan Silver Gold Platinum
GSTIN's 1 10 25
No of Companies 1 1 5
No of PAN's 1 1 5
No of Invoices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reconciliation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Returns Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 Support Email/Chat Email/Chat Email/Chat/Phone
Period of Service Annual Annual Annual
Web/Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
e-Filing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Excel Tool Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Storage/GB 1 5 10
GST Expert Help NA Email/Chat Email/Chat/Phone
Price (Excluding Taxes) 1990/- 3990/- 9990/-
  • Unlimited GSTIN for each company/PAN
  • Upload invoices without any restriction
  • Get the benefit of unlimited reconciliation
  • Gain access to 37 annual reports
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Enjoy hassle free GST compliance
  • Get GST expert help
Features/Plan Silver Gold Platinum
GSTIN's 10 50 200
No of Companies 2 5 20
No of PAN's 2 5 20
No of Invoices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reconciliation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Returns Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 Support Email/Chat Email/Chat Email/Chat/Phone
Period of Service Annual Annual Annual
Web/Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
e-Filing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Excel Tool Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Storage/GB 1 5 10
GST Expert Help NA Email/Chat Email/Chat/Phone
Price (Excluding Taxes) 1990/- 3990/- 9990/-

What is GST Software?

GST software is that pillar of strength which enables businesses in adapting to the new indirect tax regime of the country in a seamless manner. A competent GST tool is able to extend accounting and invoicing assistance which is directed towards addressing the various concerns of businesses pertaining to GST. By seeking the assistance of an impeccable GST software provider, a firm would be able to ensure that the business is able to manage its accounts, inventory, financial assets, procurements, sales, taxation, and other processes in a proficient manner.

Why Businesses Need A GST Software?

An efficient GST billing software can prove out to be extremely useful for businesses in today’s era of taxation. Opting for a smart GST software doesn’t just reduce the overall burden of complying of the newly launched indirect tax regime, but also enables businesses in utilizing the numerous benefits being offered by it. As the very concept of GST is a bit ambiguous at the moment, seeking the assistance of a capable tool can be an intelligent choice. A competent GST software plays a critical role in synchronizing the accounts of the business as per the rules set forth in the GST Act. This enables the companies in acting responsibly while paying their dues in a timely and accountable fashion. Also, this understanding helps businesses in filing tax returns in a manner which empowers them to analyze their adequate income and expenses throughout the taxation period. Colossal tasks such as accounting, inventory management, tax filing and invoicing can be managed easily with the assistance of an effective GST tool. Apart from these vital activities, a proficient GST software can help the businesses in managing numerous undertakings which include, but aren’t limited to, the following.

  • Managing the entire gamut of billing
  • Ensuring that the documentation is done in an adequate manner
  • Generating reports and registers
  • Handling the purchase transactions
  • Generating invoices in an entirely user-friendly manner
  • Producing MIS reports
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