Inpur Tax Credit (ITC) on Flight & Train Tickets booked by Agent

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Inpur Tax Credit (ITC) on Flight & Train Tickets booked by Agent

Post by seagull » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:50 pm

Our employees travel a lot in both domestic (within India) and overseas.

Case 1 : Our MD uses Jet Privilage card and most of his tickets are booked through his card and earns points (JP miles). The tickets submitted does not specify IGST/CGST/SGST. How can Company take ITC on the GST charged on passengers' tickets. How they classify whether Intra/Inter State?

Case 2
We use travel agent to book our official train tickets. Agent will raise invoice adding ticket cost & his service charges (say service charge Rs 200 per tatkal). He will charge GST only on his service charges (Rs 200) Tickets will be in name of our traveler(employee) and invoice will be raised on Company

Now, how to claim the ITC of the GST suffered on the ticket. Are the agents are empowered to take ITC on tickets booked for individual persons & pass on the GST suffered on tickets to me by charging GST on ticket charge+his service charges? and claim as ITC

Case 3
Employees buy tickets of their own and then submit the tickets for reimbursement. How to claim ITC on such tickets.

V Rajarajan

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