Consumers can expect to see bigger quantities for the same price while shopping for their daily essentials, courtesy the recent GST cuts. As the authorities have commanded companies to pass on the benefit of rate deductions in GST, businesses are planning to increase the weight of their products in an attempt to honor the instructions of the government.

The government is taking regular efforts in order to that the end consumers are deriving considerable benefits from the steep reductions in GST rates on more than 200 items. Continuous efforts are being made from the government’s end to safeguard the interests of customers and one such attempt is the establishment of an anti-profiteering committee. The main role which this entity would be playing is to keep an eye on businesses and address the grievances of consumers in the case wherein the companies fail to pass the benefits of reduced GST rates. 

"To pass on the benefits to our consumers, we are either reducing prices where the coinage is not an issue or increasing grammage, which means giving more product to the consumer at the same price. This is important for a large number of our products at price points like Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5 and Rs 10 — which are critical for consumer convenience and value,” said a spokesperson for Mondelez India, the maker of Bournvita, Cadbury, and Oreo cookies.

Likewise, Hindustan Unilever, the manufacturer of items such as Rin, Domex, and Dove which belong to the category of the daily household has increased the weight of the detergent powder Rin’s INR 10 pack from 125gm to 140gm. "This has also been advertised to ensure consumers are aware of the change," said a spokesperson of HUL.

In addition to this, approximately 600 stock keeping units of HUL have been considerably impacted by the drop in maximum retail prices and increased weight. “As we pass on GST rate reductions, the benefits to consumers across categories will be between the range of 7% and 10%. We are confident that the transition of a sizeable part of our portfolio to reduced MRPs/increased grammage will be completed in the next few weeks,” said the spokesperson.