Ensure a Successful Migration into GST Regime with GST Keeper

As the date of GST roll-out closes in, experts from various quarters of the industry have vouched for a comprehensive range of IT-enabled solutions for a successful migration into GST. Not only will it help businesses migrate into GST era quite efficiently, but also paves way for immaculate administration for various authorities.

Considering its significance, we, at GST Keeper, have developed an all-inclusive GST tool that can help taxpayers ensure absolute compliance with the GST Act. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with pool of seasoned tax experts, can help all sorts of business entities ensure a smooth transition.

Our much-applauded compliance tool has been developed under strict observation and insightful guidelines by seasoned tax professionals and veteran CAs. Our cloud based application software is not only intertwined with accounting and reporting mechanism, but is also well-equipped with customized learning platforms that can play a pivotal role in developing enriching insights into GST Act.

Professional Chartered Accountants across the country would be able to use our GST Keeper absolutely free of cost. This is a specimen of the confidence we have in our tool for GST compliance.

Salient Features
  • Unequivocal adherence to GST Act
  • Our tool adheres to all the guidelines issued by the Government of India. It offers regular updates as per the changes made by the Government pertaining to GST on a day-to-day basis.
  • Accuracy in calculation of taxes
  • The calculator used in GST keeper takes care of all the minute aspects related to calculation of GST. The different tax rates under IGST/SGST/UTGST/CGST have been taken under due consideration while devising this tool.
  • Improved GST compliance rating
  • GST keeper will help you concentrate on your core business operations as it will surely resolve all your concerns related to GST. The tool is bound to make you an industry leader in GST compliance.
  • Seamless registration, return filing, payment and refund process
  • Our tool can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP framework, and it can ensure end-to-end solution right from the process of registration all the way down to payment and subsequent refund processes.
In a nutshell: India is about to witness it greatest tax reform till date. There are still several ambiguities involving industry-wise implementation of SGST and IGST. Herein, a robust GST compliance tool, developed by GST keeper, is an absolute necessity if you want your business to flourish despite the uncertainties that prevail.
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